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NEW: Frank Zappa live in Passaic 1978 - 1DVD - October 13 - early show - pro-shot

Frank Zappa
Early Show
1978 10 13, Passaic, NJ, USA
Duration: 111.44 min.


Early Show:

1. Lather Grout / Tuning
2. The Deathless Horsie
3. Band Introductions
4. Dancin’ Fool
5. Easy Meat
6. Honey, Don’t You Want A Man Like Me?
7. Keep It Greasy
8. Village Of The Sun
9. The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
10. City Of Tiny Lites
11. Pound For A Brown
12. Bobby Brown
13. Conehead
14. Flakes
15. Magic Fingers
16. Yellow Snow Suite
17. Encore Break
18. Strictly Genteel
19. Dinah-Moe Humm



--> Video: Highest bitrate MP4 video, downloaded using HiDownload Platinum
--> Audio: MP3, 320 kbps 48 kHz audio, downloaded using HiDownload Platinum
--> Video and audio editing, synchronizing, contrast adjustment and conversion using Sony Vegas Pro 12
--> DVD authoring, including menu creation, using TMPGenc Authoring Works 5

Video: NTSC, 4:3, 9500 kbps (B&W)
Audio: DD 2.0, 320 kbps (mono)

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here
Download part 6 here
Download part 7 here
Download part 8 here

Monday, November 24, 2014

NEW: Frank Zappa live in Rotterdam 1980 - 2CD - May 24 - mp3 & flac links

The Godfatherecords G.R. 972/973 “Ahoy, Eighties!”

Booklet text:
1980 found Frank Zappa at an interesting point. He had not released a single record that year, having released five (yes FIVE) records in 1979, including the triomphant "Joe's Garage, Acts I, II & III". A tour of the USA and Europe for March through July of that year had been booked, though with a smaller band than usual, including Arthur Barrow on bass, Ike Willis on guitar and vocals, Ray White on guitar and vocals, and Tommy Mars on keys. Vinnie Colaiuta, Zappa's most recent (and perhaps greatest) drummer,- had reportedly attempted to squeeze a raise out of Frank (a big no-no), and as a result was replaced at the last minute by David Logeman, a Berklee graduate who beat out 54 candidates for the gig, and did an admirable job considering the impossible shoes he had to fill.
The repertoire consisted largely of tunes that would comprise the "You Are What You Is" album, which would be recorded back in Los Angeles after the tour's conclusion (featuring "Sirat Abuse" by newcomer Steve Vai, who was not yet a part of the band during this tour). 11 songs in total were performed from that as-yet unrecorded LP, accompanied by a generous helping of "Joe's garage" tracks (which did much to highlight Colaiuta's absence) as well as some Zappa staples.
The gig at the Ahoy in Rotterdam was only the second gig of the European leg of the tour, followinll approximately 36 dates throughout the States. In "The Real Frank Zappa Book", Frank described the Ahoy as "a charming sort of Dutch indoor bicycle racing grena with a concrete floor and a bankod wooden track all around the room." The show itself was typical of the tour: opening with a heavy guitar number, in this case "Chunga's Revenge" (which alternated the opening slot with "Watermelon In Easter Hay" and "Treacherous Cretins"), then launching into a couple tracks from "Joe's Garage": "Keep lt Greasy" and a gorgeous "Outside Now". Soon after, the band launches into a massive suite of tracks from the future "You Are What You Is", before heading back in time to "Cosmik Debris", then even farther back with "You Didn't Try To Call Me" and "I Ain't Got No Heart", concluding the trip down memory lane with the doo-wop track "Love of My Life" from "Cruising With Ruben and the Jets". The rest of the gig would rely on relatively current tracks, including pre-release versions of what would be the title track from the new record, as well as "I Dont Wanna Get Drafted", followed by more from "Joe's Garage" and "Sheik Yerbouti". "The Illinois Enema Bandit" ended the show, sung, as it always should be, by the incomparable Ray White.
Having been broadcast by Dutch radio, this show was soon widely circulated on bootleg, including "Personality" on LP, and "Boot the Beats", a copy of that LP on CD, however both of these releases were in mono. A better, stereo source surfaced in the 90's, released by Take lt Or Leave lt Music as "Ahoy Rotterdam — June 24, 1980" (the date is incorrect). What you have before you now is the definitive version of this show, from two sources seamlessly edited together to present the music as it should be, devoid of DJ interruptions, radio bumpers, or tape flips. Enjoy this glimpse into Zappa's past as he looked into the future, towards what would be perhaps his most important decade for changing the world: the 1980s.
Gordon Gartrell

Quality: IMHO excellent


CD 1
01. Tuneups
02. Chunga's Revenge
03. Keep lt Greasey
04. Outside Now
05. City Of Tiny Lites
06. Teenage Wind
07. Bamboozled By Love
08. Pick Me I'm Clean
09. Society Pages
10. I'm A Beautiful Guy
11. Beauty Knows No Pain
12. Charlie's Enormous Mouth
13. Cosmik Debris

CD 2
01. You Didn't Try To Call Me
02. I Ain't Got No Heart
03. Love Of My Life
04. You Are What You Is
05. Easy Meat
06. Joe's Garage
07. Why Does lt Hurt When I Pee?
08. Encore Break 1
09. Dancin' Fool
10. Bobby Brown
11. Ms. Pinky
12. Encore Break 2
13. I Don't Wanna Get Drafted
14. The Illinois Enema Bandit
15. Outro


Download this bootleg here

Download this bootleg here

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

NEW: Frank Zappa "Pioneer of the Future of Music" - 1DVD - TV documentary

Frank Zappa
"A Pioneer of the Future of Music"
2007 documentary
broadcast on Dutch TV - VPRO - April, 2007

This version has user-friendly chaptering and selection menus with a lot of the interview bits directly selectable. Also the second half of the earlier seed was slightly out of synch. A two frame delay of the audio made a definite improvement. No re-encoding was done to the video or audio of the earlier seed.

Other details of this entertaining documentary:

There are a lot of bits of Frank speaking that are primarily taken from the 1971 VPRO documentary by Rudolf Kiers (footage recorded at Frank's home in 1970 and first broadcast February 11, 1971). It's all a very tight collage of old and new images and interviews.

New chapter list - more descriptive here than the selection menu allowed for it to fit onto a single screen:

1. Intro
2. Growing up
3. Denny Walley (new interview material and also live performance footage of Denny Walley with FZ edited together with Denny Walley playing solo guitar during a recent interview)
4. Composition
5. early Mothers (with new Elliot Ingber and Gail Zappa interview material)
6. "I think that progress is not possible without deviation" (FZ talks - from 1971 VPRO ducumentary)
7. Humor (with new Hal Wexler interview material)
8. Revolution (FZ talk from 1971 VPRO documentary and new Gail interview material)
9. Gail talks about The NYC Garrick Theater era
10. Footage from unknown ('70's?) date about directing the audience with hand signal improvisation (black and white)
11. The Uncle Meat file (with new Hal Wexler interview material)
12. The G.T.O.s (with new interview material)
13. Ian Underwood (with new interview material)
14. Call Any Vegetable video segment Fillmore West November 6, 1970 (from 1971 VPRO ducumentary)
15. George Duke (with new interview material)
16. The 200 Motels film
17. Frank The workoholic (new George Duke interview material)
18. part 1 closing credits
19. part 2 opening
20. George Duke (with new interview material)
21. Napoleon Murphy Brock (with new interview material)
22. Tom and Bruce Fowler (with new interview material - also Malcolm McNabb)
23. Rhythm
24. The Black Page (with new Dweezil Zappa and Terry Bozzio interview material and also live Zappa Plays Zappa footage)
25. Steve Vai (with new interview material, live with Zappa Plays Zappa and solo guitar during recent interview)
26. Pierre Boulez & Ensemble Modern (new interview material and live performance footage)
27. 1992 sessions (with new Gail Zappa interview material)
28. 1963 "Steve Allen" TV show (black and white)
29. Dweezil Zappa (new interview material and Zappa Plays Zappa footage)
30. final credits
total running time: 106 minutes

Saturday, August 9, 2014

NEW: Frank Zappa live in Paris 1980 - 1DVD - June 11

Frank Zappa "Chorus"
Palais des Sports, Paris, France
11 june 1980

Presentation: Antoine de Caunes
first broadcast: Antenne 2, late 1980
Rebroadcast: Europe2 TV, 10 may 2007

TV sat > SkyStar2 > PVAstrumento > TMPGEnc Plus > TMPGEnc Authoring > DVD
DVD PAL (MPEG-2 720x576 25 i/s CBR 8000kbps, Audio: 48000 Hz 256 Kb/s)
Cover included
Recording, authoring & cover art by Cosmikd

FZ, Ike Willis, Ray White, Tommy Mars, Arthur Barrow, David Logeman.

Menu with chapters:

1. Introduction  1:35
2. Chunga's Revenge  6:23
3. Keep it Greasy  2:58
4. Joe's Garage  2:19
5. Why Does it Hurt When I Pee?  2:07
6. Press Review  5:49
7. Dancing Fool  3:53
8. Bobby Brown  2:44
9. Ms Pinky  3:13
10. The Illinois Enema Bandit  10:05

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

NEW: Frank Zappa live in Upper Darby 1988 - 2DVD - pro-shot - February 14

Frank Zappa 1988-02-14 Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA, US [PRO]

In 1998 I was fortunate to obtained the use of these tapes.They are
1st generation, direct professional  VHS dubs from the masters. I then
had the 1st gen tapes professionally duplicated. These were then
distributed to 6 other established FZ collectors. Any footage you have
seen of these films prior to this DVD are at best, 2nd generation.

In the spring of 2006, I again secured the use of the 1st gen tapes,
and this is the result. A direct transfer from the 1st gen tapes.

These were professionally shot in one day. The date was Sunday,
February 14, 1988. NOT February 12, 1988 as it is sometimes listed as.
It is unknown where the original tapes are, could be they were recorded
over, could be they are in the camera mans closet. I am told that they
were NOT given to Frank. Nor were they ever lent to anyone else. The first
33 minutes of disc-1 are from the camera mic. The last 22 minutes are a
feed from the soundboard.

Disc-2 is the 2nd camera and uses on camera mic,this will contain
duplicate material from disc-1, but is shot from the front of the stage.
I have not edited these in any way. There will be times when the camera
man stops recording and then resumes.

Capture process:
VHS (S-VIDEO Output)> Sony DCR-TRV720 with Digial Pass-Thru> Firewire to PC> Adobe Premire Pro

NTSC 29.97 fps : Aspect ratio 4:3
Video encoding rate: 2-Pass VBR Target Max 8mbps / Min 7200mbps
Audio encoding rate: PCM Audio
Authored with: DVDIT!-PE
Ripped back to HD using DVDDECRYPTER

On-Camera Mic
1) FZ Awaits His Guitar
2) FZ Solo'sWatermelon
3) FZ Solo'sLoops
4) FZ plays Percussion
5) FZ on Synclavier

Soundboard Feed
6) Sleep Dirt/Black Napkins
7) Sofa#1
8) The Girl From Ipanema
9) Zoot Allures

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here
Download part 6 here
Download part 7 here

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

NEW: Frank Zappa live in Hamburg 1988 - 2CD - May 6

Frank Zappa
Congress Centrum Hamburg
Hamburg, West Germany
May 6, 1988

audience recording

CD 1:
00. (taper intro)
01. Black Page #2
02. Mr. Green Genes
03. Florentine Pogen
04. Andy
05. Inca Roads °°° tf/ SJ fill begins 9:02
06. Eat That Question °°° SJ fill ends 0:06
07. Black Napkins
08. Sharleena °°° tf/overlap at begin song removed, flaw around first 3 secs
09. Dupree's Paradise
10. Let's Move To Cleveland °°° tf/SJ fill {8:19-8:26}
11. Ain't Got No Heart
12. Find Her Finer

CD 2:
13. Big Swifty
14. Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up °°° tf/flaws/SJ fill begins 3:11
15. Orange County Lumber Truck Medley °°° SJ fill ends 0:02
16. Stairway To Heaven °°° > encore
17. The Torture Never Stops Medley
18. I Am The Walrus
19. The Illinois Enema Bandit °°° > 2nd encore
20. Bolero

Total time = 150:32 (without fade out track)

Paul Carman - alto saxophone
Bruce Fowler - trombone
Walt Fowler - trumpet
Mike Keneally - guitar, keyboards, vocals
Ed Mann - percussion
Robert Martin - keyboards, vocals
Kurt McGettrick - baritone saxophone
Scott  Thunes - bass
Chad Wackerman - drums
Ike Willis - guitar, vocals
Albert Wing - tenor saxophone
Frank Zappa - guitar, vocals

Notes:  Included in subfolder "Disc 1 fade out" is track 13 Big Swifty (0:09)°°° (SB aligned with previous track).  When burnt to CD-Rs, total time per disc is:  CD 1= 72:41 (including Big Swifty fade out) and CD 2 = 77:59 (starting with Big Swifty).  Also included: CD cover art  by trashman, in .pdf format.


NEW: Frank Zappa live in Bremen 1988 - 2CD - April 24

Frank Zappa
Stadthalle, Bremen, Germany

This copy: 114.23 min, Aud MC, A-/B+ (incl.fill from BuffaloVoice MC)

tape recorded: got the master from U the taper just for B&P


Disc 1:
01: The Black Page 8:26
02: Advance Romance 6:31
03: Any Kind Of Pain 6:03
04: Find Her Finer 2:52
05: Who Needs The Peace Corps? 3:19
06: Stick Together 2:00
07: My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama 3:35
08: Willie The Pimp 1:53
09: Montana 4:04
10: City Of Tiny Lights* 8:53
11: Pound For A Brown 5:43
12: The Dessicated Number 9:15 (tp solo on MAJNH)***

Disc 2:
01: Cosmik Debris 4:35
02: Cruising For Burgers 8:19
03: Keep It Greasey 4:11
04: Sofa 3:52
Encores I:**
05: Bolero 5:40
06: Crew Slut 6:09
Encores II:**
07: Joe's Garage 4:13
08: Why Does It Hurt When I Pee? 2:55
09: Peaches En Regalia 2:57
10: Stairway To Heaven 8:58

Total time: 1h54:23

Download this bootleg here