Saturday, October 29, 2011

Zappa plays Zappa live in Nashville 2011 - 1CD - August 22

zappa plays zappa
schermerhorn symphony center
nashville, tn

*missing - son of mr green genes
*missing - what's the ugliest part of your body?
01-dancin' fool >
03-don't you ever wash that thing?
04-pajama people
06-city of tiny lights
07-big swifty
08-st alphonso's pancake breakfast

notes: missed two songs getting seated and situated.  had an empty seat directly in front of me which helped get an unobstructed mic placement.  thanks for bryar, amy, chad, and deanna for flanking and hospitality.


Zappa plays Zappa live in Hammond 2011 - 1CD - August 20

Zappa Plays Zappa
The Venue - Horseshoe Casino
Hammond, IN
August 20, 2011

**Opening for Return to Forever**

Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?
Willie the Pimp
Dancin' Fool
Pojama People
Fifty-Fifty (instrumental with Jean Luc Ponty)
Big Swifty
Don't Eat the Yellow Snow
Nanook Rubs It
St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast

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Zappa plays Zappa live in Northampton 2011 - 2CD - August 14

Zappa Plays Zappa
Calvin Theater
Northampton, MA

01. Heavy Duty Judy
02. Cheepnis
03. Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me
04. 50/50
05. Road Ladies
06. Cleetus Awreetus Awrightus
07. Don't You Ever Wash That Thing
08. What's The Ugliest Part Of The Body
09. Dancin' Fool
10. City of Tiny Lights
11. Big Swifty
12. Room Service
13. Pojama People
14. Don't Eat The Yellow Snow
15. Nanook Rubs It
16. St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast
17. Rolla

18. Encore Break
19. Son of Mr. Green Genes
20. Peaches En Regalia
21. Willie The Pimp

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Zappa plays Zappa live in Buffalo 2011 - 1CD - August 8

Zappa plays Zappa
Buffalo, NY
University of Buffalo Center for the Arts

audience recording - Location from balcony front row. center.

Dweezil Zappa - Guitar, Spawn
Scheila Gonzalez - Sax, Flute, Keys, Vocals
Pete Griffin- Bass, Vocals
Billy Hulting- Marimba, Mallet, Percussion
Jamie Kime- Guitar
Ben Thomas- Vocals, Horns
Joe Travers- Drums, Vocals "Erie's Hometown rockstar"
Chris Norton- Keyboards, Vocals

01. Heavy Duty Judy
02. Dancing Fool
03. Fifty-Fifty Instrumental
04. Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?
05. What's the Ugliest Part of your Body?  (Mr. Green Jeans)
06.Po-Jama People
07. Big Swifty
08. Yellow Snow -> Nanook -> St Alphonzo
09. Peaches  / Willie the Pimp

Total: 69:46

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Frank Zappa live on BBC 1968 - 1DVD

Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention
BBC Studios

1968 10 23

BBC Master > VHS > DVD > Authoring

Track list:
King Kong
In The Sky
Apathy Interview

Mintypinto's notes
OK folks, so here's the story. Just over 15 years ago I had a friend doing some research work at the BBC, I gave her a short shopping list of things that I would love to see her raid the archive for and amazingly she came up trumps with a few selections.
The 23 minute session that FZ and the MOI did at the BBC in London.
Now the ridiculous bit of the story.
The video tape supplied to me was of fantastic quality, a dupe taken from the master and put on to VHS. I kept the video for years and watched it a few times, amazing playing, the band are in top form, JCB and Art Tripp keep up a tremendous rhythm with Roy Estrada and all solos from the band are great.
About 5 years ago I got a friend to digitize the tape to DVD along with a load of other stuff that I had recorded off TV, he did a pretty good job and I was so pleased with it that I threw the VHS copy away.
Of course as time has gone by, technology has got better and better to the point where I could have made a better copy on my £150 TV DVD Harddrive recorder.
Anyway, if you have a fantastic copy of this already, don't download this but share your copy with us all.
If you have a good copy of this, download this one, it may be better.
And if you have a poor copy or worse still, don't have it at all, this download is mandatory. It's brilliant.
Incidently, I noticed at 20 minutes a very quick fade in and out of sound, the band go from King Kong to another track which to the untrained ear may sound like a segue but it ain't. This implies the band played for longer then is on the tape but this is all I was supplied with. My guess is that the edit was done at the time and what ended up in the BBC archive was all that was left.
Still, we are lucky to have this much great video, fortunately the cameraman were not trying to imitate a bad acid trip by pull focusing and zooming in and out all the time as was the style of the day so what we get is a fairly well shot recording of FZ and the Mothers at the top of their game.

unicrayon's notes
Extracted the King Kong section from the DVD, added ZT branding and menu and authored the DVD without transcoding.
Extracted the In The Sky and Apathy section from the DVD and added it to the DVD without transcoding.

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Download part 2 here
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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Zappa plays Zappa live in Stockholm 2007 - 1DVD

Zappa plays Zappa
Stockholm, Sweden
October, 2007 10 14

Lineage: Casio Exilim 10.1, internal microphone > editing > you

Poor try to make an DVD from my videos of this concert, well it might be done a new version somehow, sometime!
On this DVD I have 18 videos, none are named or anything, it comes as it is. Thought I should share what I got.
I have noticed that, when it's played in vlc, I have to adjust the video to 4:3 format! Othervise as I said, the quality of sound/image isn't pefect, but it's a memory and for those that was there I suppose it's a minor problem!










~- --'-




Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Frank Zappa "Just Another Band From LA second LP" - 1CD

Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
"Just Another Band From L.A.", second (unreleased) LP
Remastered Edition

Frank Zappa had originally envisioned "Just Another Band From L.A." as a double album.
Acetates of this album were pressed and given to the band members.  For whatever reasons,
plans for that 2 LP set were abandoned and they went with the single LP that we know
and love.

A significant difference in "Billy the Mountain" was that Zappa removed an 8:51 section of
singing and solos in order to fit it onto a single side of an LP.  The 33:38 original was
now only 24:47.

I've taken the circulating copy of that second LP and tried to improve it somewhat.  Using
iZotope's RX, I applied moderate declicking to remove some of the clicks and crackles from
the acetate copy.  (It was actually fairly clean already.)  I also removed a low level
15735Hz VHS HiFi modulation signal (indicating that the acetate was probably recorded onto
a VHS recorder).  I then used iZotope's Ozone 3 to more closely match the acetate's EQ to
that of the Rykodisc CD.

Most importantly though, I've also created an extract from "Billy the Mountain Pt. 2" of
just the material cut from the original version.  Those comfortable with audio editors
can simply drop this extract into the released version to recreate the full length track.
Because of the EQ matching, the edit is near seamless.

Track List:

   1. Studebaker Hoch~Billy The Mountain Pt.2 [RM]  13:57
   2. The Subcutaneous Peril (1970-10-11) [RM]  5:19
   3. An Easy Substitute For Eternity Itself (1970-10-11) [RM]  20:23
   4. Billy The Mountain (extract)  8:51

"Billy the Mountain" was recorded on August 7, 1971, at Pauley Pavilion, UCLA, CA.
"The Subcutaneous Peril" and "An Easy Substitute" were recorded at Carnegie Hall on
October 11, 1971.

From Zappa's notes, this is what the original intended album would have looked like.

Side One
   1. "Call Any Vegetable" (Zappa)  7:22
   2. "Eddie, Are You Kidding?" (Kaylan, Seiler, Volman, Zappa)  3:09
   3. "Magdalena" (Kaylan, Zappa)  6:24
   4. "Dog Breath" (Zappa)  3:37

Side Two
   1. "Billy the Mountain" (Zappa)  19:41

Side Three
 1. "Billy the Mountain" (cont.)  13:57
      Studebacher Hoch
      The Conclusion
 2. "The Subcutaneous Peril" (Zappa)  5:19

Side Four
 1. "An Easy Substitute For Eternity Itself"  (Zappa, Preston, Underwood, Dunbar, Pons)  20:23
      Don's Solo
      Ian's Solo
      Aynsley's Solo
      Frank's Solo

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Frank Zappa live in Dallas 1980 - 1CD - soundboard

1980 10 17 Convention Center Arena Dallas TX USA
63 min, DSBD, A+

1ST Gen. CDR from the collection of theGrape

Chunga's Revenge,
I Don't Wanna Get Drafted,
Cosmik Debris,
Keep It Greasey,
Tinsel Town Rebellion,
Outside Now,
Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?,
Pick Me I'm Clean,
City Of Tiny Lights,
Easy Meat,
I Ain't Got No Heart,
The Torture Never Stops


Frank Zappa live in Manchester 1979 - 2CD - February 12

From FZShows:

12-Feb 1979, Apollo Theater, Manchester, England
133 min, SBD, A+
150 min, Aud, B+
The SBD cuts in Pound For A Brown. Persona Non Grata, Dead Girls Of London, I Ain't Got No Heart, Brown Shoes Don't Make It, Cosmik Debris, Tryin' To Grow A Chin, City Of Tiny Lights, Dancin' Fool, Easy Meat, Jumbo Go Away, Andy, Inca Roads, Florentine Pogen, Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?, Keep It Greasey, The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing, For The Young Sophisticate, Wet T-shirt Nite, Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?, Peaches En Regalia, Yellow Snow Suite, Strictly Genteel, Montana, Pound For A Brown, Mystery Rehearsal Piece (incl. Deathless Horsie, Five-Five-Five)

This version: 149:00 min, SBD/Aud, A+/B+

The SBD is used up through 8:58 into Pound For A Brown, from there on it's from an Aud tape of unknown generation, with a whole lot of compression on it. Throughout the board recording, the levels are very high, and clipped peaks are in abundance. Strangely enough, I'm not sure this has harmed the sound quality, which is among the best you'll ever hear on a Zappa boot. This version doesn't have any of the problems that previously circulating copies had.

01 intro
02 Persona Non Grata
03 Dead Girls Of London
04 Ain't Got No Heart
05 Brown Shoes Don't Make It
06 Cosmik Debris
07 Tryin' To Grow A Chin
08 City Of Tiny Lights
09 Dancin' Fool
10 Easy Meat
11 Jumbo Go Away
12 Andy
13 Inca Roads
14 Florentin Pogen
15 Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?
16 Keep It Greasey
17 The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
18 For The Young Sophisticate
19 Wet T-Shirt Nite
20 Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?
21 Peaches En Regalia
22 Don't Eat The Yellow Snow
23 Nanook Rubs It
24 St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast
25 Father O'Blivion
26 Rollo
27 Strictly Genteel
28 Montana
29 Pound For A Brown
30 Mystery Rehearsal Piece
31 Deathless Horsie
32 Five-five-five


Frank Zappa live in Buffalo 1974 - 2CD - soundboard

Frank Zappa
Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, N.Y.
November, 15, 1974
1st gen SBD tape

Part of a batch of tapes obtained from former Zappa road manager Dick Barber.

F Zappa - Gtr,vcls
N M Brock - Sax,flute,vcls
G Duke - Kbds,vcls
R Underwood - Percussion
C Thompson - Drums
T Fowler - Bass

Disc 1
tush tush tush (a token of my extreme)
village of the sun
echidna's 'arf (of you)
don't you ever wash that thing?
penguin in bondage
t'mershi duween
dog breath variations
uncle meat
building a girl

Disc 2
don't eat the yellow snow
nanook rubs it
st. alphonso's pancake breakfast
father o'blivion
Tush Tush outro
camarillo brillo
more trouble every day

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Frank Zappa live in New York 1974 - 2CD - October 31

Frank Zappa
1974 10 31
Felt Forum, NYC NY
Late show

Tush Tush Tush, Stinkfoot, RDNZL, Village Of The Sun, Echidna's Arf, Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?, Babbette, Approximate, I'm Not Satisfied, Po-Jama People, Yellow Snow Suite, Cosmik Debris, Nite Owl, Big Swifty, Apostrophe, Pygmy Twylyte, Room Service, Tush Tush Tush

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Frank Zappa live in Pittsburgh 1988 - 2CD - March 8

Frank Zappa
Syria Mosque
Pittsburgh, PA
1988 03 08

~~ From RobSam's 1st gen AUD tape ~~

Current FZshows entry:
1988 03 08 - Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, PA
120 min, Aud, C+
Stinkfoot, Peaches En Regalia, Stick Together, My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama, Willie The Pimp, Montana, City Of Tiny Lights, A Pound For A Brown, When The Lie's So Big, Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk, Eat That Question, Black Napkins, Texas Motel Medley, Sharleena, Joe's Garage, Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?, Cruising For Burgers, Uncle Remus, The Orange County Lumber Truck Medley

This copy: 119.25 min, AUD 1st, B

Frank Zappa's Band, February - June 1988
FZ, Ike Willis, Mike Keneally, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman, Ed Mann, Bobby Martin, Bruce Fowler, Walt Fowler, Paul Carman, Albert Wing, Kurt McGettrick.


01 Stinkfoot [07:04] °°° cuts in, very beginning missing
02 Peaches En Regalia [02:54]
03 Stick Together [01:55]
04 My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama [03:35]
05 Willie The Pimp [02:04]
06 Montana [04:05]
07 City Of Tiny Lights [08:57]
08 A Pound For A Brown [16:02]
09 When The Lie's So Big [03:05] °°° tape flip 0:01, music missing
10 Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk [07:39]
11 intermission [02:05] °°° tape flip 0:49, no music missing
12 Eat That Question [01:41]
13 Black Napkins [09:55]
14 Norwegian Jim [02:25]
15 Louisiana Hooker With Herpes [03:23]
16 Texas Motel [03:16]
17 Sharleena [08:12] °°° cuts 8:12, no music missing
18 encore break [00:18]
19 Joe's Garage [03:35]
20 Why Does It Hurt When I Pee? [03:14]
21 encore break #2 [00:51]
22 Cruising For Burgers [08:59]
23 Uncle Remus [03:10]
24 Let's Make The Water Turn Black [01:33]
25 Harry, You're A Beast [00:45]
26 The Orange County Lumber Truck I [00:39]
27 Oh No [06:07]
28 The Orange County Lumber Truck II [00:27]
29 Theme From Lumpy Gravy [01:30]

Total time 119.25 min

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