Sunday, November 27, 2011

Frank Zappa live in Stockholm 1988 - 2DVD

Johanneshovs Isstadion
Stockholm, Sweden
1988 05 01

Video Lineage: Cancorder->VHS->MPEG-2->Editing->MPEG-2

Video transferred by jazzfromhell
Speed corrections unicrayon
Editing, art, authoring, animations by unicrayon

Audio Lineage:
Yojimbo Lineage: Audience->(?)->CDR->EAC->SoundForge (Fill Patches)
TOGFIADO Lineage: SBD Lineage: Master Reel->Editing->flac->SC's->flac

Video Track: MPEG-2, 720 × 576, 4:3, 25 fps, 8.00 Mbps
Audio Track: PCM stereo, 48 kHz

Secret words Dragonmaster & Fernando

Disc I (69.53)

__ Tuning [Missing]
__ Heavy Duty Judy [Missing]
__ Packard Goose Medley [Missing]
__ Any Kind Of Pain [Missing]
01 More Trouble Every Day
02 Penguin In Bondage
03 Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel
04 Cosmik Debris
05 Inca Roads (tf AUD source 1'41.859-2'25.301)
06 Advance Romance
__ Bobby Brown [Missing]
__ Keep It Greasey [Missing]
07 The Torture Never Stops Medley (AUD source replaced damage 6'42.510-19'35.377)
08 Big Swifty (tf AUD source 7'01.247-7'58.811)

Disc II (48.44)

01 Big Swifty w/ Mats & Morgan (incl. T'Mershi Duween) (tf AUD source 7'01.247-7'58.811)
02 Joe's Garage
03 Why Does It Hurt When I Pee? (applause patched AUD source 2'43.386-2'52.615)
04 Peaches En Regalia
05 Stairway To Heaven (applause & Dweezil intro patched AUD source 8'50.057-9'34.616)
06 Whippin' Post w/ Dweezil
07 I Am The Walrus
08 Loops Jam w/ Dweezil (AUD source 5'26.910-5'51.915)
09 Sofa (AUD source)

Yeah, this is a surprise. Happy Birthday Frank and the end of Zappadan. Only ever seen as a VCD before! :)

jazzfromhell's notes:
Found my 1st gen VHS of Stockholm recently and spent a lot of time trying to transfer the recording. The tape was severely damaged so that the audio was basically unusable, with dropouts every few seconds.
Anyway, I managed to get the best possible MPEG-2 after numerous attempts and FTP'd it to unicrayon.

unicrayon's notes:
There were a LOT of gaps in the video and songs missing but it's probably the best we'll ever get so it's probably worth having a definitive version the first time :D
Replaced the damaged audio with our SBD. Filled in all the video gaps with animation. Created the 2 DVDs.

Here's the longer version if you ever want to try this at home.

First you have to line up all the SBD audio with the damaged audio in a sound editor only using the waveforms. When you try to match analogue recordings, the speed will fluctuate throughout all sources. Since your eye can pick out sync issues at 1/25th of a second, the SBD audio will only sync up with the video when you've speed corrected everything to 1/100th cts. The Walrus SBD synched at +12.85 cts and Peaches -31.81 cts, but Stairway had 10 separate SCs and Loops came in second with 9!
Anyway, all the SC'd SBD audio tracks give you the exact song length so you can resync the video and the new audio in a video editing suite.
So, after I lined up more than 20 video clips, I was left with a lot of gaps to fill where the videographer paused.
So, I grabbed 4 Gb of random footage and created 60 Gb of acid trip VJ animation that runs to around 30 minutes. It's pretty much the same style as FZ's early film work using the method he used to create the Video From Hell.
Then, I started editing the more interesting parts into the gaps, this took a couple of long days/nights and challenged my visual and mental health so I took a couple of days off :)
I rendered out the new MPEG-2 and started making the DVDs.

BengoFury said "You're crazy to spend 70 hours on this when people will only watch it once" ... "I am", I replied, "I only thought it would take only take 30!"

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
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